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This surveillance image shows Zhang Zixin and the two tenants who took her away. [Photo/WeChat account: pinganchunan]

Police will conduct DNA test to identify a body found in Xiangshan, Zhejiang, on Saturday believed to be Zhang Zixin, a nine-year-old girl who went missing after taken by a Guangdong duo who later committed suicide.

According to a Xiangshan county statement, the body was found at noon off the Shipu sea area, and "highly resembles Zhang in terms of the looks and dress".

The discovery concluded a weeklong search at land and sea carried out by local rescue authorities and involving over 500 personnel.

Zhang Jun, the girl"s father, confirmed the news and said on social media account: "I have heard that my daughter has left this world… I hope she will still be my daughter in the next life so I can take care of her."

Zhang Jun, who had returned to his hometown, Chun"an county, Hangzhou, is traveling to Xiangshan to make a further identification, according to local police.

The girl was last seen with the two suspects in surveillance camera footage taken Sunday night near Songlanshan beach.

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